Diverse Content for Kids

CHOZEN MEDIA Kids, a media-tech and digital entertainment platform for children K- Grade 5. Through diverse content, interactive videos, and virtual events in the arts, STEM, and mental health awareness, we exist to provide a healthy and safe choice for parents in the self-esteem and personal development of Black children. Our mission is to provide an exciting digital learning experience with diverse programming and help Black children see themselves as heroes, leaders, and stars of their own stories.  entertainment.  

The Impact

Children believe what they see, and research shows that a lack of representation in media can lead to negative psychological outcomes for those with identities that are underrepresented or negatively portrayed (Tukachinsky, Mastro, & Yarchi, 2017). 

What We do

We’re creating a world of content that builds children’s self-esteem and empowers their potential. Our programming will feature the positive values parents teach and want for their children such as self-respect, confidence, accountability, manners, educational excellence, and social skills. 

Our Objective

CHOZEN MEDIA Kids content tears down stereotypes and builds a foundation where all children of every culture can see and believe the best about one another.

Behind The Scenes

Helping Black children see themselves as heroes, leaders & stars